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Planet Homestead- The Countdown!

Planet Homestead is a blog dedicated to the all the homesteaders, gardeners, home makers, animal lovers, DIY'ers, creators, growers, woodworkers, painters, outdoors enthusiast, succulent mamas, and farmer market fanatics (did I mention animal lovers??).

This is for YOU!!!

Once a lesson is learned in life, I believe it is not our duty to hold onto that lesson as our leg up in the world; but instead, it is our duty to shout it from the rooftops and help others build the life they've been dreaming of.

Planet Homestead is a safe haven for question asking, trying new things and taking your dreams and seeing them to reality.

We'll be sharing our origin story from 5 years ago in a small rented house with a dilapidated backyard, to our 10 acre homestead in the Blue Ridge Mountains (and how we made the most of both them). From raising our Rottweilers and propagating succulents to painting our bedrooms and replacing toilets, and hitting everything in-between.

We are going LIVE on August 1st @ 7pm and will be posting 25 posts in 25 days. (get your notebooks ready!)

Follow us on Instagram & join our mailing list to never miss the latest at Planet Homestead.

For a chance for your homestead to be re-posted and featured on our page tag us @planethomestead with the hashtag #planethomestead

Thank you for joining the PH family.

p.s. Have a question you'd like to see answered on our Instagram or featured in one of our blogs? Head over to the let's connect page, we are ALWAYS here to take your dreams and help turn them to a reality!

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